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For the Initial Creation of the Delphi Prefix Registry


Firstly... Component Builders are truly the salt of the earth - they provide ready to use solutions to all manner of application programming problems and provide us with the tools to repeatedly furnish end users with what they really want.

This project would not have gotten off the ground without help and encouragement; the following people provided the motivation!

Special mention with regard to the project goes to Ray Konopka, author of Developing Custom Delphi 3 Components, who tirelessly promoted the use of prefixes long before this web site existed.

-- Steven Healey

bob swart - international delphi guru (in london may see ukbug)
marco cantu - international delphi guru (mastering delphi 1/2/3)
david clark - infinity software (the best in security components)
chriz frizell - itec uk - delphi magazine
tomasz stanczak - r & t
nick hodges - teamb (teamb - programmers godsend)
duncan mcormack - addrock (time & date gurus)
brian lowe - acro tchnology
greg lief  - glad components (must have toolkit)
mark miller - eagle software (cdk - a MUST)
brett liddicoet - opaque software
gerald nunn - gexperts (freeware tools for the serious developer)
artchil gogova - internet mailsuite (premier internet tools)
roman eremin - rsd software
david f schrader - delphi user
the graphical gnome - graphics specialist

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