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Prefix Organization Purpose Web Site Contact Registered
W2 WeldonWare Labs WACed - WeldonWare Advanced Co www.WeldonWare.COM Frank W. Fulton Jr. 29-Sep-1999
WAI Baltic Solutions formerly WAISS Systems WAISS components www.balticsolutions.net/ Motty Adler 19-Mar-1999
WB David Weisbrod Reserved; Reserved www.macrosysinc.com David Weisbrod 30-Dec-1998
WC WebCob In development www.webcob.com Mitch Cant 25-Nov-1999
WCD Fredric Rylander Reserved Fredric Rylander 21-Aug-1999
WCE WebCob Enterprises In development www.webcob.com Mitch Cant 25-Nov-1999
WCL WREN Computing Ltd Mutiple In House Components Andy Rennison 14-May-1999
WD 3WD Ltd. PC-Service, Web-Service www.3wd.de Frank Sypplie 19-Mar-2000
wdx WDosX component suite Immo Wache 20-Apr-2000
wh HREF Tools Corp. WebHub components www.href.com/whvcl Ann Lynnworth 12-Dec-2008
WIM Reserved Wim Meyvaert 09-Jun-2000
WIN (misc) Melle Slotema 26-Jul-2000
WIZ Tempest Software Wizard Tool Kit; Toolkit www.tempest-sw.com Ray Lischner 04-Aug-1998
Wiz Eyecare Software Ltd TwizSphEdit www.eyecaresoftware.co.uk Dean Smith 17-Feb-2003
WK Workload Touchstone Projects Andrew Brittle 24-Feb-2000
WP WPCubed WPTools; Word Processing www.wpcubed.com/ Julian Ziersch 19-May-1998
WP2 WolfePak, Inc WolfePak Software internal www.wolfepak.com Charles Wolfe 19-Jul-2006
WPS WolfePak, Inc WolfePak Software internal www.wolfepak.com Charles Wolfe 19-Jul-2006
WS WestSide SoftWare Reserved www.westside.nl Edwin van Driel 19-Mar-1999
ws WS Solutions WS Packages Frank Wang 15-Sep-1999
ws WaggleSoft In Development www.wagglesoft.com Karen Hill 03-Jun-2006
wsg Wippermann Software GmbH www.wippermann.de/pub:index_login Thomas Hellmann 19-Jun-2000
WvN ARS Traffic and Transport Technology Various www.ars.nl Wim van Nifterick 03-Sep-2007
WVW Ward van Wanrooij Reserved; Reserved www.ward.nu Ward van Wanrooij 05-Jun-1998
WW Woll2Woll Software Infopower; DataControl www.woll2woll.com 30-Dec-1899
wx BrainWare Software WrapX www.wrapx.suite.dk Christian Iversen 07-Jan-2000
wy Private WY LIB wpristia.blogspot.com William Pristia 23-Dec-2008
WYV Wyvern Technology, Inc. Reserved; Reserved www.wf1b.com Ray Ortgiesen 01-Feb-1999

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