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Mon, 15 Jul 2024 11:19:35 UTC

Athena -- Delphi2

The growing number of Delphi components and Delphi component suppliers has given rise to conflicts in component NAMES.

If you publish components, then please register your preferences here and add a link from your site.

The DELPHI PREFIX REGISTRY (DPxR) has been designed to LIST component creators, the PREFIXES they use and sufficient contact details without disclosing email addresses.


DPxR gives no warranty express or implied on any component or vendor that registers their prefix preferences here.

In no way do we wish to impose component naming upon ANYONE, we simply provide the information to help you to choose  component names which do not conflict with those in use by other developers.

There is nothing more soul destroying for either application developer or component developer than to find that when loaded into the delphi ide there is a naming conflict. (See Charlie Calvert's discussion.)

The inspiration for this site came from seeing a wonderful calendar component, downloading it and not being able to install the package because it had ONE unit which used the EXACT same name as a very popular Email Suite which we use. (the wonderful calendar now sits quite happily in my ide and i am about to register it - all's well that ends well - thanks to aguado)

If every developer used a prefix from AAA through ZZZ then most problems would be solved - so instead of plain DBSORTGRID use ADQDBSORTGRID, and check here beforehand to see if anyone else uses ADQ first!

The whole aim of this site is to detect current naming conflicts and play some part in preventing future conflicts. "Space for Intelligent Collaboration"

It is not always necessary to adopt a prefix to maintain unique component naming - many established component builders have used the uniqueness of the task that their component performs as the basis of naming.


At the end of the day what matters is that names are UNIQUE and that components can live harmony within the IDE.

Nobody has a divine right to assign or control component names, and we do not lay down the law.

Freedom of choice Rules!


-- written by the original site creator, Steven Healey *


* As it turns out, Steven Healey is no longer working on this web site but HREF Tools Corp. decided to keep it going as

Sponsors and Volunteers are always welcome!


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